Calcium and Vitamin D: Your Teeth Need Vitamins Too!

Calcium and Vitamin D: Your Teeth Need Vitamins Too!

Vitamin D and calcium are supplements taken to prevent bone loss. A new study from the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research suggests that taking calcium and vitamin D can also prevent tooth loss in older adults. Participants in the study took 500 mg of calcium plus 700 units of vitamin D each day, with those that weren’t in the placebo group showing around 40% less likeliness of losing teeth. But on top of this recommended amount, seniors who want to hang on to their pearly whites should get regular dental care at Oasis Dental and perform regular brushing and flossing to ensure that they keep their original set of teeth.

Increased Age Increases Risk of Tooth Loss

Seniors need to be aware that as they age, their teeth become more prone to cavities because the root surface becomes more exposed. Many of the most common prescription drugs dry the mouth, which prevents the saliva from washing away the bacteria in the mouth. Limited mobility and joint pain make it more difficult to brush and floss. Ask Dr. Spieler about solutions to help you take care of your teeth.

Taking a Supplement

When choosing a calcium supplement, choose calcium citrate instead of calcium carbonate as it is easier to absorb. Vitamin D added to the supplement can also increase absorption. Look for a high-quality supplement with the USP symbol.

Make sure to make an appointment with your Bala Cynwyd, PA dentist to take care of gum disease and other tooth problems.

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