Canker Sores: Painfully Coming and Going

Canker Sores: Painfully Coming and Going

Canker sores, medically known as aphthous ulcers, can be the source of a great deal of pain. Among the most common oral sores experienced, they appear on the inside of the tongue, lips, gums and cheeks. Dr. Spieler at Oasis Dental in Bala Cynwyd clarifies that although canker sores are similar to cold sores, they are fortunately not contagious.

Is It Really a Canker Sore?

Usually whitish or grayish in color with a red outline, a canker sore is painful, inflamed, and sore, and can make eating and speaking an agonizing affair. Some patients report a burning or tingling sensation just before a canker sore forms. Although they typically disappear on their own within a week or two, Dr. Spieler recommends that you schedule an appointment with him if you are experiencing frequent recurrences, a prolonged outbreak, or serious pain.

What Triggers Canker Sores?

Though they form on their own, possible canker sore triggers include accidental cheek bite, overzealous brushing, menstruation hormonal shifts, and emotional stress. If you are experiencing a lot of canker sores or cold sores, our Oasis Dental team can recommend a course of treatment to alleviate the symptoms, shorten outbreaks, and reduce the number of occurrences. Call Dr. Spieler today to schedule a consultation!

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