Cavities: The Importance of Good Dental Hygiene


Good Dental Hygiene

Brushing your teeth is important to do twice a day. After along night of bacteria growing inside your mouth, don’t you think it needs a cleaning in the morning? With a simple routine of regular brushing and flossing, combined with regular dental cleanings, most people can avoid serious issues with oral health and tooth decay.

But now we know that you may be doing your health an even greater favor than previously thought. Recent studies ave shown that people with bad dental hygiene have a higher risk of heart disease, limbic system issues, and prenatal health concerns.

For many people, the first sign that your oral health may be suffering is tooth pain, often due toa cavity, which is a hole in your tooth. When little chunks of food are not removed from your mouth, they start the process of tooth decay, and create plaque. Tooth enamel starts to get dissolved by acids found in plaque. So what can you do if you end up with a cavity?

Luckily, a cavity is not the end of the world. Dr. Spieler has several different ways to fix a cavity, check for further tooth decay, and help with advice to improve your oral health. A healthy smile means a healthier life!

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