Dangers Of Delaying Dental Care

Dangers Of Delaying Dental Care

Many people tend to think all there is to good oral care means brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing daily. While these are important for maintaining good oral hygiene, regular dental appointments for checkups and cleanings are equally essential. Some are tempted to skip out on routine dental visits as if they don’t play a huge role in keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Whether or not a person is experiencing tooth pain or bleeding gums, putting off dental appointments can become a serious matter. And when everything looks and feels fine, it’s still advisable to not delay routine visits.

Routine exams can help prevent cavities and other problems, and problems found early on are more easily treatable. The truth is that waiting to see an Oasis Dental professional puts you at risk for potentially more serious problems. Dr. Spieler advises against delaying even routine dental care for some good reasons.

Can a Dental Issue Fix Itself?

Unlike many types of health issues, dental problems won’t just go away on their own over time. In fact, if they exist, they will worsen over time. The only exception is a case of weakened enamel. It weakens prior to becoming a cavity, which is visible. If a fluoride supplementation is used, the enamel may re-mineralize. Gingivitis is similar. If inflammation is mild due to poor hygiene habits, it can be reversed in as little as two weeks if brushing and flossing are improved.

Unfortunately, an aggressive infection or physical cavity will not go away given time. Even improving your dental hygiene habits won’t keep them from getting worse. By avoiding professional dental care, the situation is more likely to become more aggressive and more complex. An infection and gum disease will only continue to worsen without physically removing the bacteria and medication. And a cavity left untreated will only become larger. For those who rely on homeopathic remedies, or DIY treatments, these only allow more time for an oral infection to become worse, requiring more aggressive and more invasive treatments. Your best option is to see your dentist as soon as you experience symptoms.

Even Without Pain, There Can Be Huge Problems

When a person experiences pain, their attention is drawn to issues such as abscessed teeth, gum disease, or cavities. Most know a toothache is most uncomfortable. However, just because there is a lack of pain doesn’t mean no problem exists. Often, even in a severe case of tooth decay or an abscess, the affected nerves are deadened. If you see something wrong with a tooth, something that doesn’t look quite right, like swelling or a cavity, don’t let the absence of pain keep you from visiting your Wakefield dentist. Sometimes, there are no symptoms at all, no swelling, redness, or pain. This is why it’s important to schedule regular dental visits so your dentist can detect early signs of problems. Delaying dental care risks the need for more invasive (and more expensive) treatments later.

Delaying Dental Care and Treatment Can Cost You More Money

Since dental problems get worse the more time that passes, treatment and restoration options change too. A small cavity can be filled at your next checkup to keep it from spreading. But when you wait until it starts to hurt, or you wait until your next 6-month checkup, decay may spread to the nerve. What could have been easily fixed with a filling has become an abscess.

To add to the complications, an adjacent tooth that didn’t have a cavity on your last visit now shows signs of decay. Now, a filling is not an adequate fix. You’ll need a root canal, crown, plus you need a filling in another tooth. Now, you are looking at about double the cost over what you would have spent to just have a cavity filled a few months ago. Even if you have dental insurance, you are likely to have more out of pocket fees. Treating dental issues early on can save your teeth, your money, and your smile.


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