Don’t Skip Tongue Cleaning and Get Fresh Breath

Don’t Skip Tongue Cleaning and Get Fresh Breath

Although most dentists don’t always recommend tongue cleaning as part of your dental care, there is research that shows brushing your tongue can help maintain fresh breath. The reason your tongue is often thought to be one cause of bad breath is that bacteria in your mouth thrives on food debris. When those little particles get broken down, they can release smelly by-products. Oasis Dental wants to help you control bad breath through tongue cleaning.

How to Clean Your Tongue

You can use your everyday toothbrush or a tongue scraper. Stick out your tongue as far as you can. Reach to the back of your tongue and scrape forward. Don’t press too hard, just use enough pressure to take off the food particles and bacteria. Rinse your toothbrush or tongue scraper after every time you pass it over your tongue.

Mouthwash can be another way to clean your tongue. An over-the-counter mouthwash generally works fine, but Dr. Spieler can prescribe a therapeutic mouthwash that can help control severe bad breath that isn’t due to an infection or sore.  

See Your Dentist for a Healthy Mouth

Replace your toothbrush and tongue scraper at three to four-month intervals, or if you’ve been sick with a cold or infection. Your tongue should be pink when you’re done cleaning it. Your mouth should feel better. Maintain good oral health by making an appointment with a Bala Cynwyd, PA dentist for a routine checkup.

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