Early Childhood Caries Problem

You may be surprised to learn that the most common illness afflicting children is not asthma or diabetes: it’s Early Childhood Caries (or ECC), a term, which describes chronic tooth decay.

Teaching your child to care for their teeth and gums is a great way, not only to set them on the path for a lifetime of good oral health.  It can also help them avoid serious problems with their overall health.

Our practice is centered around helping our young patients understand and embrace their health as early in life as possible. We believe this is conducive to better health and hygiene for the rest of their lives.

We’d like to help you learn more about our commitment to a healthy next generation. In like fashion, we can help you understand the links between poor oral health and many so called systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, pregnancy difficulties, oral cancer, aspiration pneumonia, and more. You can reach out to us by visiting https://www.facebook.com/oasisdentalpa


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