Five ADA Reasons Why Fluoridated Water is Good for Communities

1. Fluoridated water is a cost-effective way of preventing tooth decay. Millions of school hours are lost from children needing to visit the dentist for dental illness, with children in non-fluoridated areas seeking dental aid three times as frequently as children with fluoridated water.
2. Fluoridated water systems have been responsible for preventing twenty-five percent of tooth decay, even with access to toothpaste.
3. For more than half a century, scientific research has consistently shown that fluoridation is one of the best ways to preserve a community’s dental health.
4. Treating a dental illness costs everyone through methods like insurance premiums and taxation. Fluoridating an entire water supply costs far less than one dental filling; at roughly a 1:38 cost ratio.
5. Fluoride is found in ocean water and fluoridation of water supplies is no different than adding vitamins and minerals to things like milk, salt or orange juice.

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