Flossing: Making it a Habitual Oral Hygiene Practice

Flossing: Making it a Habitual Oral Hygiene Practice

It has been a couple years since The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2016) issued a statement that underscored the importance of flossing.  However, the number of Americans taking this advice into practice may still be insufficient: the study confirmed that a third of American adults self-reported that they don’t floss entirely.


Interdental Cleaners

The reasons why flossing in America isn’t as popular or widely practiced as brushing teeth remains unknown. Nevertheless, your Bala Cynwyd dentist Dr. Spieler wants his patients to know that using floss or other interdental cleaners is key for maintaining a healthy smile.

Interdental cleaners are a wide range of products specially designed to remove food particles ensnared between your teeth. They range from dental floss to plastic or wooden picks to water flossers. Interdental cleaners are also low-risk dental cleaning tools, meaning they don’t have much of an ability to cause mistakes or injury. Some manufacturers even flavor and wax-coat their dental tape, but the American Dental Association stresses the importance of the technique used and time put into flossing over the kind of floss used.


Why Flossing Works

Toothbrush bristles aren’t as effective in dislodging food particles trapped in between your teeth compared to floss. Trapped food particles provide a breeding ground for bacteria which, if left unattended, form bacteria colonies known as plaque. Plaque is responsible for cavities and gum diseases, and hardened plaque, also known as tartar, requires more intensive care to remove.

Flossing once a day can prevent that process: it disrupts the bacteria colonies forming between your teeth, thoroughly cleaning them out before they have a chance to take root. Flossing daily helps keep your gums a healthy, resilient pink and is key to retaining a great smile.

So remember to not brush aside your oral hygiene care! We at Oasis Dental want to encourage our patients to prevent problems down the road by flossing daily and brushing your teeth twice daily, and we are here for you to answer any questions by appointment.

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