How to Deal With a Cracked Tooth

dental treatment Unlike a chipped tooth or a knocked-out tooth, a cracked tooth can often go unnoticed, especially if the tooth fracture is a very subtle one, like a hairline fracture. Sometimes they are so small they are difficult to see in an x-ray. A damaged tooth can lead to very serious consequences. 

Signs of a Cracked Tooth

Your dental team in Bala Cynwyd, PA recommends that you have your teeth checked if you suddenly start feeling localized pain whenever you bite into something. This is a common symptom of a damaged or cracked tooth. When your teeth are exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures, you may also experience pain. 

What makes a tooth crack?

You can sometimes crack a tooth just by biting into a hard object like candy, or by chewing on something hard like nuts. If you frequently grind your teeth, that can make them more vulnerable to fractures as well. Then too, anyone who has been involved in an accident can easily crack a tooth simply by the trauma associated with the force and impact of a hard object. People involved with contact sports often sustain tooth fractures that need to be dealt with.

What should you do?

If you suspect you may have a tooth fracture, you should schedule an appointment at Oasis Dental as soon as possible. There, Dr. Spieler will find which tooth has been affected, and how severe the fracture is. Then, one of our dentists will repair your tooth. Depending on the nature of the crack, the dentist can treat a cracked tooth using bonding, performing a root canal, or perhaps placing a crown over the tooth.

Please contact us if you have painful teeth or any of the symptoms listed here. A dental exam will help ensure any damage is corrected quickly.

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