Information for Parents about Mouthguards

Information for Parents about Mouthguards

If you have kids involved in athletics, you need to know about mouthguards. Even non-contact sports, like skating or dance increase the risk of suffering harm to teeth.  Mouthguards can protect your child’s mouth and teeth. Here is a bit more information regarding this standard piece of protective equipment.


Mouthguards or mouth protectors provide a buffer that can cushion blows or trauma to the face. This can help reduce the chance of oral and facial injuries, including damaging the teeth. A mouthguard usually covers the upper teeth, providing protection for the lips, jaw, and tongue as well.

What if my child wears a retainer?

Remind your child to remove any orthodontic equipment, like retainers, before participating in any type of contact sport or activity. Reinforce a habit of removing the retainer and putting on the mouthguard any time that they engage or take part in sports.  

Types of Mouthguards

There are basically three different types of mouthguards available for your child, from the dentist-made, custom-fitted type to a basic, over-the-counter that is very affordable. The latter is called ‘boil and bite’ as you soften them in boiling water to help them adapt and form to the shape of your child’s mouth. In between the two price points are stock mouthguards, which are inexpensive and ready to wear. The best type of mouthguard for your child depends on a lot of variables but understand that a basic or stock guard will help to protect them if having a custom guard is not viable at this time.

Want to learn more about protecting your child? Talk to Dr. Spieler, Blad Cynwyd, PA, and the rest of the team at Oasis Dental about selecting the best mouthguard for your child. Encourage your child to wear their mouthguards as often as possible, reducing the risk of dental damage when they participate in sporting events and activities.

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