Is Your Baby Teething, or Is It a Cold?

Is Your Baby Teething, or Is It a Cold?

The team here at Oasis Dental often get questions from parents worried about a teething infant. It can be a stressful time for everyone, no question. Dr. Spieler notes that many parents are confused about which symptoms are due to new teeth coming in and which have other causes. To better deal with the problems, it helps to have accurate information.

5 Actual Symptoms of Teething

Experts say the 5 most common symptoms that are most likely due to the teething process are:

  • face rash
  • mild gum pain
  • drooling
  • more signs of fussiness
  • desire to chew on things

Surprisingly, a runny nose and fever are not caused by teething. Other things your child may be experiencing, including diarrhea, difficulty sleeping, nonstop crying, and reduced appetite, are likely the result of other issues. Researchers say that two sources for these problems are germs getting into the child’s gum from the teething and normal changes in their immune system.

Worried about your teething baby? Call the experts here at your Bala Cynwyd, PA dental practice.

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