Oral Thrush: Get In the Know About Oral Yeast

Oral Thrush: Get In the Know About Oral Yeast

When an excess growth of yeast occurs in your mouth or esophagus, oral thrush can develop, says Dr. Spieler of Oasis Dental. While it is natural for bacterial yeast to exist in your mouth, occasionally an overgrowth can occur. That’s what triggers oral thrush. This type of yeast is the same type of organism that causes vaginal yeast infections to develop.

How to recognize oral thrush

One of the most recognizable symptoms of oral thrush is the appearance of white lesions on the roof the mouth, and sometimes in the back of the mouth. These lesions most often look something like cottage cheese, although they can also sometimes be a reddish color. People who develop oral thrush will often experience difficulty swallowing, or a kind of woolly feeling in the mouth.

People at risk for developing oral thrush

In Bala Cynwyd, PA, as elsewhere in the U.S., the people who are most likely to develop oral thrush are immuno-suppressed patients, such as those who are being treated with chemotherapy, those who have HIV/AIDS, or those who have uncontrolled diabetes. When you have a suppressed immune system, it leaves you more vulnerable to infection, which allows thrush to develop in the mouth. Another group of at-risk people is those who take asthma medication or oral steroids. Either of those medications can interfere with the normal balance of yeast in the mouth. Rinsing the mouth out after inhalation can reduce the risk of developing oral thrush.

For more information about oral infections and how to prevent them, or any other dental concerns you may have, be sure to talk to Dr. Spieler.

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