Periodontal Disease and Oral Caries

Periodontal disease is an increasingly common oral health issue, and it is receiving a lot of attention from researchers. Study authors compile evidence in order to determine the prevalence of periodontal disease. Additionally, researchers investigate current diagnostic methods and look for ways to improve detection and treatment of periodontal disease.

Dental caries are also a serious oral health issue and are the subject of much research. The journal Oral Health and Dental Management has featured numerous articles that focus on periodontitis, highlighting the work being conducted by researchers in the United States and India.

Saliva has significant advantages over serum as a diagnostic medium. Therefore, salivary studies have become prevalent, resulting in new diagnostic tools and techniques that allow practitioners to monitor both oral and systemic disease more effectively. A number of articles published in Oral Health and Dental Management deal with salivary studies, and upcoming issues will deliver even more valuable research and conclusions.

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