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Oasis Dental - Restorative Dentistry - Crowns


When a patient is faced with trauma, rampant caries (a precursor to cavities), or other circumstances, the result can be loss of tooth structure. The condition can often be remedied by  placement (seating) of a dental crowns.  The procedure can avert the need for extraction of the tooth, while restoring full mouth function. An additional and valuable benefit is that crowns can be fabricated using materials that closely mimic the look and feel of surrounding teeth, resulting in a beautiful, symmetric smile.

In many cases, we use our leading edge CEREC® technology, which allows us to create precision-crafted crowns in just a single visit.


Superb aesthetics and superior oral function can be achieved with the use a dental bridge. These custom-made, permanent appliances are an alternative to more costly choices such as implants.

The bridge prevents shifting (migration) of adjacent teeth. It also averts occlusal disparities which can lead to serious and painful jaw problems such as TMD (tempero mandibular disorder).


This low cost method of tooth replacement is preferred by patients who are comfortable with removable prosthetics. Partial dentures can replace one or several missing teeth. Full dentures restore the smile for individuals who are missing their entire dentition.

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