Smokers Carry Increased Dental Risk

In addition to the well-known health risks of smoking, cigarette use is also associated with a number of lesser-known risks to dental health and oral hygiene. From nuisances like discolored teeth, bad breath and increased tartar and plaque accumulation on one end of the scale to more serious conditions such as gum disease, bone loss and oral cancer on the other, cigarette smoking can impact teeth, gums and tongue just as surely as it does heart and lungs.

Smoking poses such a danger to dental health, it is actually the number one cause of tooth loss. Smoking may also lead to higher failure rates for procedures such as dental implants, and slow the recovery from such procedures considerably. Because of these threats to dental as well as overall health, our patients are advised to seek out smoking cessation resources from their physician or through organizations like and Smokers should also schedule regular dental and oral health care with Dr. Spieler and our team to ensure they are screened for conditions such as periodontal disease and receive the specialized dental hygiene they need, including more frequent than average cleanings.

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