Sugar-Free Foods and Drinks Aren’t Better for Teeth

Sugar-Free Foods and Drinks Aren’t Better for Teeth

It’s no secret that sugary foods and drinks aren’t good for you. The alternatives, sugar-free foods and sodas, have reduced calories, but they are very acidic, which isn’t good for your teeth either. If this is news to you, not to worry: Oasis Dental team can help you take care of your smile.  

How Sugar-Free Foods and Drinks Damage Teeth

Researchers from the University of Melbourne studied the effects of sugar-free drinks compared to sugary drinks, like sports drinks and sodas, on teeth. The study discovered that both types of drinks softened tooth enamel. Enamel is the outer protective shell on the teeth, protecting your teeth from cavities and tooth decay. But bacteria in the mouth feeds on sugar, creating acids that cause cavities and tooth decay. Researchers believe that the chemical additives in sugar-free foods, such as citric acid, can be what cause the damage. Talk to your Bala Cynwyd, PA dentist about protecting your tooth enamel from acidic food.

Good Dental Hygiene Maintains Your Smile

To prevent damage to your teeth, brush and floss after meals and snacks. Make an appointment with Dr. Spieler for annual cleanings and exams. Your smile should last a lifetime.

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