Tooth Whitening: You Deserve a Radiant Smile

Tooth Whitening: You Deserve a Radiant Smile

Who can dispute the power of a beautiful white smile? Most of us want that radiant smile, but smoking and poor food choices can erode our smile’s shine over time. Luckily, professional tooth whitening has the ability to turn back the clock and give us the smile we once had.

Professional tooth whitening can get you back the smile you want, surprisingly quickly. Oasis Dental offers you the option of using a customized at-home kit or having the procedure done right in our office. With our professional grade whitening treatments in the office, you can achieve impressive results in as little as an hour. The at-home treatment is also very effective, but it usually takes a few treatments to receive your desired results, and will be monitored by your Bala Cynwyd dental team.

Over-the-counter (OTC) treatments promise to deliver amazing results, but use generic molds and weaker whitening solution. A generic mold such as those included in an OTC kit aren’t designed to fit your specific smile, which leaves room for missed teeth, poor results, and even irritation of the teeth and gums. OTC results are rarely comparable to the results achieved with a professional tooth whitening procedure.

Affordable Tooth Whitening

Many people believe that a professional tooth whitening treatment is costly. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Professional tooth whitening is surprisingly cost-effective and flexible at Oasis Dental. We give you the opportunity to have the procedure carefully done at our dental practice in combination with other services, or in the comfort of your own home.

Dr. Spieler of Oasis Dental is committed to improving smiles. Our professional tooth whitening molds are always customized to fit your unique smile, and achieve safe and effective results. Don’t settle for a less than dynamite smile — invest in your pearly whites! Call today to restore the sparkle to your smile.

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